Friday, 5 December 2008

Unfortunately, there's more!

Come here, there's more!

The Six Insidious Guards:

So! So! ................So!

This chappie seems to be based in something called nintaijutsu and is a sensei or something. Well, kudos to him for that. But, it is debatable as to whether his experience automatically translates into italian swordsmanship. Actually being Italian isn't enough, although I like his-a haccent. This youtube video reminds me of Sensei Patrick McCarthy's take on sword and buckler. This man is highly respected in what he does, eastern style martial arts. Fair enough, he deserves respect for his hard work. He then decides to branch out into HEMA and posts a youtube video on sword and buckler. Result? He is shocked and insulted by the flaming he gets from all sides. Then again, flaming is the default state for youtube, so he shouldn't have been too surprised. Judge for yourselves:

To give some sort of contrast, I'd like to finish by adding some links from the Hammaborg group led by Roland Warzecha. I've had the pleasure to meet with him at the Swordfishes, including his second, Toke, who is responsible for the youtube site which has a plethora of videos on their interpretations of 1.33, large shield and sword, etc. These guys are dedicated, hard-working and IMO the stuff they produce looks and has a more realistic "feel" to it than the above mentioned sources.
Sword and shield:

As ever though, if you read the comments on youtube, even these guys aren't safe from being flamed, usually by SCA-based or re-enactment groups.

Noone is safe on Youtube! Which is why it takes guts to post anything in the first place and why the videos from the swordschool have the comments disabled! :-P


  1. The Italian dude is awesome and here's why:

    1. The vaguely disturbing salute (comrade!)

    2. He appears to live in a mansion (I keep expecting him to crash into one of the glass cabinets)

    3. "So! ...So! ...Very dangerous!"

    There are so many questions...

  2. what the hack???
    it´s so dangerous and also quite ridiculus what he´s doing there... how can he be serious about attacking when he´s stepping faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar before he moves the sword... apart from other things... and sometimes hitting with the flat... oh dear...

    it really hurts watching, don´t you think?

  3. He's a dangerous man. Just watching him will make you laugh so hard you hurt yourself.