Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New spaulders!

These babies were waiting for me when got I back from my Christmas holidays. Well worth the wait, they were made by Marko Saari, the guild leader of /the Armoursmiths' Guild (WaruSseppäin Kilta in Finnish). Here's a link to their website:

Nice one, Marko! I think they're gorgeous! As you can see from the photos, they are attached using points. I still have to find out how to sew the laces onto my gambeson and whether to use laces or leather thong for the chords.

Already before the holidays, I decided to join the WarusSeppäin Kilta group, WSK for short, to enhance my historical martial arts repertoire and experience. The WSK train in various German styles based on several historical treatises. In effect, they do what we do, but in German styles AND they also make their own gear and do re-enactment. To-date, I have not really discovered another one-handed sword style that I am really interested in*, so I thought I'd stay with an approximately similar period to Fiore, but with a German twist. I like the finesse in longsword as well as the wrestling and dagger techniques. I also love both the look and feel of the Messer, which although it looks like a fearsome sword, is technically a long knife! Through this cross-training I hope to deepen my appeciation of HEMA overall and to get new insights into italian swordsmanship.

*= with the exception of backsword/basket-hilt claymore.


  1. They do indeed look gorgeous. How much did they cost?

    I've been pimpin' my Swodfish-bought gambeson today as well, by adding some "pockets" for my leather underarm protectors inside the sleeves. It's kind of hard to explain exactly what I've done, but if you're attending the Fiore Extravaganza this summer, I'll show you. I might be going to Dijon as well, but I haven't decided yet. Are you going?

    Petter Brodin

  2. Hi Petter,

    yup, they are very pretty. 120 euro. Cheap at the price. As the smith is local I can always get them modified if I want to put a buckle on etc. Hope to see you at the extravaganza. Not sure yet what my plans are but. Cheers, Kev.

  3. How are the breastplate plans coming along?


  4. They're not. I think I'll just over lay the gambeson with a lacrosse chest protector for now.I cannot find the requisite plastic blue barrels just yet. :-( Kev.

  5. Hey cool, yer putting up a decent kit! I'm anxiously waiting for my pourpoint from Matuls to get started on mine.