Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Fiore flourishing in Canada

I was youtubing recently (is that even a verb?) and came across two separate groups in Canada with some nice vids on their interpretations on Fiore's material. The first group, Les Maitres d'Armes, I added to my favourites list and this can be found on the left of the page. I liked their videos very much and made some comments on their youtube page. The group leader Jason Smith, was good enough to write me an e-mail to introduce himself and to invite me to check his training blog, which also contains videos of daga material as a way to supplement their training notes. I think this is a wonderful idea and will also have to get my hands on a digicamera for the same purpose for our lot.

The second lot I found while looking for videos on lanza or spear. Sure enough another canuck group, or at least two chaps named Mathieu Ravignat and Nick Conway, out of Ottawa, Ontario popped up, working on their interpretation of Fiore's spear plays. Here's the youtube link:
Interesting, although they don't seem to cross the hands in the fenestra positions and so the alway thrust with an accressere rather than a passing step, but hey, vive la difference! They also show some other dagger stuff as well as the rather cool "lazy man's version" aka how to defend while seated.

Check the other videos out as well. Enjoy!

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