Friday, 8 October 2010

Unbalanced power walking

Felt a little bit yuck after I drove home from work so I hemmed and hawed a bit about going for a jog/walk. I decided to do a compromise and do a brisk walk for 45 minutes with one of the 3 kg clubs. Basically my idea is a sort of power walking where I really pump my arms either straight forwards and backwards as I walk, or in a sort of "John Wayne" gait, where the arms are pumped more in front of the body. I chose a route that was hilly to add to the effort and switched the club between hands as I went. I could also increase the resistance depending on where I gripped the club. The fact that there was weight on only one side at a time meant I had to keep my core solid otherwise the imbalance would make me wobble all over the place.

Great work out! Perhaps I should try this again with paired clubs?

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