Sunday, 13 January 2013

Shoulder update...

The visits to tui na are continuing with approximately the same treatment each time. Certain points in my shoulder are pressed and damn! it is uncomfortable. As soon as the pressure is off, it feels quite good. This is what's known as good/sweet pain. My overall flexibility is improving but I still have pain in the shoulder at night. The most uncomfortable move is when my arm is lifted above my head, outwards and backwards. I feel it right in the corner of my shoulder. The tui na chap massages and warms up the sore bit and I can move a little bit easier with a little less pain. The sessions continue....

The 7-Step Rotator Cuff System self-treatment also continues. I have been heat treating and massaging my shoulder for the past two weeks (Step 2) and today I began looking and practicing Steps 3 and 4. These involve relearning balance, proprioreception (touching my nose with my finger when my eyes are closed, etc) and simple exercises like slowly crawling on the floor like a toddler, swinging a tennis ball on a 30 cm string in different planes (I knew my slings would come in handy onde day!) and (Step 4) various static stretches to work on the muscles around the shoulder joint. The idea is that steps 3 and 4 complement each other and should be backed up with occasional massage and heat when needed. The hardest thing for me in all of this is having the patience to slowly progress day by day. I want it fixed, NOW!

I've been a lazy boy last week. Some walking and three goes with the i-Move fitness thingy. I'm still eating like a horse though and go through cake and biccies like a hot knife through butter. Tsk! Have to try to bring my diet under control. I've not lost any weight since Christmas ended. Not good: cannot let my shoulder injury be an excuse for being lazy and eating crap. My mother in law is visiting this weekend and she baked dry-cake especially for me, which is very thoughful of her but the stuff is LETHAL and I cannot get enough. My wife and I have been talking about making more juices and smoothies. Luckily, along with the dry-cake and Karelian pies, we also got a shipment of frozen strawberries and raspberries! Yum!

The i-Move has been fun but I have had to be very careful with the choice of arm/shoulder exercise I do. Some really put strain on my bad shoulder and oddly enough it wasn't the punching exercise but simple jumping jacks! When raising my arms to the side I got a sudden shooting pain in my injured shoulder. Thinking about it afterwards, I realise I went too fast but also I was yet again guilty of my oldest training vice, namely working with non-relaxed (read hunched) shoulders. Shite!


  1. You have got to be kidding. Last week monday I was training almost 100% effort with longsword (albeit a light one) with no noticeable pain during training or the next day. Then some snow work on wednesday made it a bit sore, but on thursday some jumping jacks during warmup and bang: pain in my shoulder ever since! It's like three months backwards... AArrgh.

  2. Oh shit. Sorry to hear that man. If it helps at all, get yourself to the doc and maybe also order the book i got from
    In the meantime, rest, ice, comptession and referral. Let me know how you're getting on.

  3. Not so good so far. The shoulder is as sore as it was last summer. Went to the physio who said that there's probably some sort of scar tissue/swelling from inflammation which makes the shoulder joint a bit too tight in certain movement directions. This causes too much friction in the joint ligament surfaces. Also my shoulders are tilted too much forwards which doesn't help the situation. So taking it slow and doing exercises to remedy the situation. No longswordy for me for a long time...

  4. Hi! I went to the same Tuina massage guy as you did and it (or something else) did the trick. I removed some excercises from my program and continued with others that didn't result in pain the next day. The shoulder has not been so painless for a year. I've followed the orders to not do anything that might give the faintest signal of pain and that seems to work quite okay. I did some rigorous sword work last thursday and that resulted in a painful shoulder so I still need to be very careful what to do. But the direction is at least positive. I hope your're doing better than last time?