Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Autumn is coming...

There's a bit f a chill in the air in the mornings, which tells me that Autumn is just around the corner. I always feel like it's a new beginning at this time of year. Perhaps it just goes back to the old days of starting school after the long summer holidays. Here in Finland, it usually means we start to train indoors again, and in general Finns start to check out their local college to see which night classes or courses they will take to fill up the long winter evenings. Some will learn a new language, cooking, astanga yoga or a martial art.

I was In Ireland recently for the Electric Picnic music festival and although we were only there for a few days, the effect was well, electric! I came back charged up and looking forward to getting back to training and to going to the seminars in Helsinki and to the Swordfish 2009 event in Gothenburg. Take home mesage: a change IS as good as a rest!

So I've been doing the basic conditioning, cutting drills and footwork on my own for the past week and I'm enjoying it. A lot!

I've taken a huge step back from the sword club over the summer and it has actually done me good. I'm not on the list for leading the beginner's course, nor for leading classes. This effectively leaves me free to just train, although I should perhaps also officially hand over my class leader role to someone more active and involved.

My main focus right now is to train for the tournament in Gothenburg. Many lessons were learned from the last experience and my newfound "freedom" means I can do just that.

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