Monday, 27 October 2008

Going to Swordfish!

I'm heading to Gothenburg again this year for three days of western martial arts fun, sweat, a few bruises and more than a few beers. Last year was great fun even though one of our party broke his leg. I'm really excited mainly for two reasons. One, I get to buy some gear I've wanted for ages, i.e. a gambeson, gorget and maybe a couple of new swords. here's a link to the retailer dude who'll be tempting us at the gathering:
Albion (Europe) swords will also be there but I'll not be buying anything this time around. The only two possible sword models I was interested in, i.e. the Liechtenauer and the Meyer (with its gorgeous flared ricasso!) are (a) too expensive and (b) have chord-wrapped hilts (ugh!). I'll mosey along anyway to the Albion display just to torture myself and admire the Kriegsmesser.
The second reason I'm exited about swordfish 2008 is the fact that I plan to take part in the tournament on saturday. I thought I was taking part in the nylon longsword tourney, but it seems I'm down for weighted shinai instead (?) Oh well, it doesn't really matter. I don't expect much from the competition, just the chance to get some competition experience and adrenaline rush and to see how that affects my performance. I don't really consider it to be a Fiore versus the rest because if I screw up, it will be me, and NOT the system I train in that fails. I'm basically looking at the whole thing as an adrenaline diagnostic drill and maybe it will be a bit of fun, nothing too serious. Actually, I'm petrified. Partly that I'll make an arse of myself, and partly that I'll be up against guys who fight all the time and aggressively. We'll see how it goes...


  1. hey man!

    (Ilkka linked to your blog on the arma forum)

    I don't know how you ended up in the shinai tournament if you opted for the nylon tournament, perhaps you accidentally clicked the wrong button or the registration system screwed up. I must apologize though! Unfortunately it is too late to change the tournament participants now.

    And don't worry about participating! We all see it as a learning experience, to fence under stress, this is not supposed to be a macho "winning is everything" thing, not ever!

    See you in a couple of days/Axel, GHFS

  2. Hi Axel!
    Thanks for posting! Ach, no worries about the tournament! No need to apologise! :-) Actually, I've never used either shinais nor nylon longswords before so it will all be a new and learning experience! Also, I think the shinai comp will be a lot less sweaty than having to wear a gambeson and all the gear that the nylon longsword boys have to, so I'm quite grateful about that. See you in a bit! Kev.

  3. Oh it is you Kevin!

    Actually you ARE on the nylon tournament :). When you first registered you had put yourself down for both remember? then we had some conversation and you chose the nylon tournament. It might have slipped in a glitch in the registration system but you are on my list for nylon. So get ready to sweat in that gambeson!

  4. Oh crikey! Ah feck it, bring it on! :-P